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1 Reel - Fruits Craze
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9 Coins Grand Diamond Edition
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Clean House
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Joker Split

Online Gambling Games

Gambling is old and intellectual. Already in the oldest written monuments, dice are mentioned, so we can say that this was the first game of chance. Modern people still play dice games, but with plastic dice and not animal bones, as ancestors did. Another type of gambling among the first such games was betting, which grew to a wide variety of different bet types on outcomes of various events.

Gambling is entertainment, the outcome of which is not determined and does not depend on the player (mostly). In this, gambling differs from sports and the like, in which the skill of the participants is important. However modern gambling is not necessarily held with money; here you can try any gambling game for free and without registration. The online roulette, pokies, video poker online, Blackjack, and many other games. You can play all games for free at the Rickycasino Australian online casino. However, if you want to play for real money - we have that option as well. Just register at Rickycasino, you don't even need to deposit because we provide the Welcome casino bonus. This is a perfect option for new players and for those who want to try real money gambling for the first time in their lives.

A brief history of gambling in Australia and its legality

Gambling in Australia appeared with the first European settlers who brought a passion for gambling with them. The first gambling games on Australian land were roulette, blackjack and horse racing. However, the first official event in the field of gambling was held only in 1810 in Sydney (horse racing). In the 1880s, the first official lottery was registered.

Beginning in the 1950s, pokies began to appear in bars and clubs which are now available at land-based casinos in Australia as exhibits. The first official and legally regulated casino appeared in Tasmania in 1973, the casino was called Wrest Point Casino.

There are currently only five real casinos worth of visiting in Australia, among them Casino Canberra, Adelaide Casino, Crown Perth, Country Club Casino and Crown Casino & Entertainment Complex.

Since time don't stand at place, nowadays real gambling establishments are replaced by virtual ones. The first online casino available for Australian players was registered in 1998 and since then the online gambling industry in Australia has begun to gain momentum.

Development of the Online Gambling in Australia

In Australia, there are only two types of Gambling entertainment legally available online to players in all regions of the country - sports betting and national lotteries. Other types of online gambling in Australia have prohibitions / restrictions that vary depending on the region, but only for Australian companies, i.e. users can visit casinos and play online gambling regulated in offshore (Australian authorities cannot ban offshore online clubs for a number of reasons, both legal and technical). Such restriction was imposed by the IGA Act of 2001, which restricts the operators of online gambling clubs to offer their services to Australian users. A general ban on online gambling has made Australian players the main target of offshore operators that can offer services that are not available domestically.

Online Gambling Industry Statistics

A significant share (about 20%) in this dizzying amount is occupied by Internet gambling, and this figure is growing year by year. The advent of the Internet has completely changed society. The network has entered every home and every business. The Internet has transformed the world of entertainment into interest. Previously, when a person had a desire to play, he had to go look for a partner in the market square, in a tavern, or in one of the gambling establishments that appeared relatively recently. Today, there is no need for this. The only thing you need is a computer, access to the Network, and an Australian online casino like Rickycasino.

Australian gambling revenue varies by state, but the average is 10% of the budget. In the state treasury of Victoria, where gambling is the most popular, gambling annually brings 13% of the profits. In contrast, deductions from gambling account for only 4% of revenues in Western Australia. This is due to the fact that many types of gambling are still banned here. Player winnings are not taxed in Australia.

Gambling operators are forced to monitor the laws of each particular state, since the taxation in them is different. Tax rates for different types also vary (it should be noted that taxes are not apply to player's winnings).

Mobile Online Gambling in Australia

Mobile gambling is a specific branch of online gambling, which appeared almost immediately after first Australian online gaming club. Mobile online gambling available for AU players for nearly 17 years now. There are two aspects that are key to the development of mobile gambling - improving technology and scaling Internet coverage. Over the past two decades, a mobile phone has evolved from a communications tool to a smart device that can replace dozens of other useful gadgets. The more advanced the model of the mobile device is in the hands of the user - the easier and faster it will run virtual casino games. Internet coverage also plays an important role, because it actually imports gambling services to remote corners of the planet and opens up opportunities in new markets. For example, around 30% of the players of this site use their mobile devices to play various games starting from pokies and ending with blackjack and live gambling games.

The Most Popular Gambling Games in the World

There is a question in gambling that interests both professionals and beginners (and sometimes even people who do not gamble) - what types of gambling games are the most popular in the world? The answer may surprise you. After all, many believe that online pokies or bets on all kinds of world events are the most popular types of gambling entertainment, but this is not so. Below we have prepared for you a list of the most popular types of gambling games in the world (from lowest to highest in terms of popularity):

  1. Baccarat;
  2. Roulette;
  3. Blackjack;
  4. Pokies;
  5. Bets on various events (like sports, elections, celebrities, etc.);
  6. Poker;
  7. Lottery.

Are you surprised that lotteries are the most popular type of gambling? The explanation for this is very simple - a lottery is the most affordable type of gambling that is available everywhere and is officially regulated in every country on our planet. A shift in popularity towards other gambling entertainment may occur due to the widespread appearance of various online casino clubs, but this may take several years before the lottery will lose its high position.

The Most Popular Types of Gambling Games Among Australian Players

Gambling preferences among Australian players are quite different from the tastes of players from other countries. The top of the gambling entertainment among Australians consists of (these games are popular both in land-based casinos and in online clubs):

  • Roulette;
  • Blackjack and Baccarat;
  • Online Pokies;
  • Craps;
  • Poker;
  • Lotteries;
  • Sports Betting.

Over the past five years, the trend has changed regarding card and table games (craps, roulette, etc.) in online casinos. Many Australian (and not only) players prefer to play live versions of card games rather than software solutions. This is because players have more confidence in the live dealer and the game that is happening in real-time hosted by real people.

Top 10 Casino Games with Smallest Casino Edge Over the Player

The advantage of an institution in a particular game is the next item that interests a lot of professional and novice players in online and land-based casinos. Below you can find a list of games and their percentage in terms of the casino edge over a player (from smaller to larger). All this will allow you to choose the most suitable type of gambling entertainment to play in the casino.

  1. Blackjack (one deck) - the casino edge is 1.4%;
  2. Craps - casino edge ranges from 1.2% to 5%;
  3. Baccarat - the casino edge is 1.6%;
  4. Three-Card Poker - Casino edge is 1.8%;
  5. Roulette with Single Zero - the casino edge is 2.5%;
  6. Pai Gow Poker - Casino edge is 2.8%;
  7. Video Poker - casino edge is 5%;
  8. Caribbean Stud Poker - casino edge 5%;
  9. Roulette with Double Zeros - casino edge is 6-8%;
  10. Pokies - casino edge is 10-15%.

As you can see from the list above, card and table gambling give the player the greatest advantage against the casino. In these gambling games (with the appropriate knowledge of the rules and tactics), the player has the highest chance of winning. It is worth noting that all the gambling described on this page is available on the Rickycasino website for free play and real money to all Australian players who have reached the age of majority.

Gambling Problem and Player Perception

Gambling Problem is a mental disorder when a person cannot cope with his desire to experience gambling, which can lead to disastrous consequences such as ruining your family, debts and even suicide. Most often, people with a Gambling Problem deny the existence of this addiction and became aware of its influence when it's too late. We strongly recommend playing responsibly and weighing all your activities in gambling. Do not forget that fun can turn into a serious problem.

Gambling Games FAQ

In this section you will find frequently asked questions regarding online gambling and online casino games. If you did not find the answer you are interested in on this page - do not hesitate to contact the site support chat.

Why You Should Play Online Gambling on Rickycasino?

There are a lot of sites on which the whole gamut of gambling is offered. Gambler no longer has to go anywhere, no one needs to be looked for. Everything is online with a click of a mouse button. Moreover, specialization is already clearly visible. Some have the virtual pokies, others have roulettes, and third have poker. Separately, there are online lotteries, mainly state ones. But with Rickycasino you can play every type of gambling, we have it all! In ground-based establishments it was even impossible to imagine such a thing; maximum what is allowed is just to watch the game. Thanks to Rickycasino you can participate and experience the game for free and for money as well.

We have collected a huge number of different gambling games of various types. Online pokie machines, roulettes, keno, poker, craps, etc. Internet gambling is developing at a frantic pace, and there is no doubt that this is tomorrow's gambling. Ground establishments will not disappear, as retro pokies still exist, but the role of establishments will never be as big as before. Online gambling games are more convenient, safer, and in many ways more interesting.

Not so long ago, journalists wondered in which countries it is most profitable to play in pokies. To everyone's surprise, it turned out that bets are the most profitable for players precisely on domestic gaming platforms, if we compare the actual winnings in terms of dollars. This is not surprising, the jackpots and sums are growing by leaps and bounds in the AU online casinos.

Is online gambling in Australia legal? Will I have to pay taxes on winnings?

Yes, you can safely play in offshore online clubs, no one will arrest you for this. All winnings in online gambling are not taxed, so you do not need to pay taxes on winnings.

How does the Funds Transfers in Online Gambling works?

On gambling sites, all payments transactions work as follows:

  1. You choose the system for the transaction (for example, PayPal, Blockchain, CreditCard, etc.);
  2. Indicate the required amount for the deposit;
  3. Play the selected game.

On this gaming site you can find over twenty payment systems with which you can deposit money into the system and withdraw winnings from it, all transactions are secure and encrypted.

What gambling has the lowest chance of winning for a player?

Online pokies. They give the lowest winning odds, but in this type of gambling game you always have a chance to "break the random jackpot" and you don't need to delve into the rules and complex game strategies.

What gambling has the highest chance of winning for a player?

Almost all table games, namely:

All these games give the player the greatest advantage over the casino.

How to win in online gambling games?

There is simply no answer to this question. The only thing that can allow you to increase the chance of winning is the proper management of the bankroll. And as for strategies aimed at winning, they simply do not exist.

What are the best online gambling games?

As previously written, the most popular games among Australian players are games such as Roulette, blackjack, baccarat, online pokies, craps, poker, lotteries, and sports betting.

What kind of gambling is the best place to start playing?

If you want to play games in which you can have an impact on the outcome of events, we recommend that you try playing live blackjack or poker. If you are more a person of luck - online pokies and instant lotteries will perfectly suit your choice.

How does online gambling work?

All games (except for live variations) work on the principle of a programmed random number generator. All possible combinations and outcomes of events in a particular game of chance are random. However, in live games, everything is different. In them, everything that happens works in real-time with a real dealer who deals cards spins the roulette wheel and communicates with virtual players. If you don't like the "programmed" gambling, you should play live games only.

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